I’ve attempted to say something about myself – What I do, what I’m like and what I’m interested in.
What I do in short is working with creative direction, concept development, creative management, corporate visual identity, sound design, motion design, data visualisation,
and digital product design...

So who am I beside this website – In short: Dad, husband, bassplayer, dog owner, friend and education in 

Work Experience
2017 ︎  Ongoing
A.P. Møller – Maersk
Creative Manager
2016 ︎  2019
Jakob Monefeldt Studio
Art Director
2009 ︎  2016
Postnord AB Stamps
Art Director
2007 ︎  2009
Hald Engel Design Studio
2006 ︎  2007
Bjarke Ingels Group

People say...
“I've been working with Jakob for more than seven years and can only give him my best recommendations. Jakob has three special competences: 1) Strong conceptual power – good for translating ideas visually, 2) Deliverable – deliver on time and 3) Team player, he is socially strong and a safe partner in when things are changing.
Jakob has consciously and precisely worked with the design of Danish and Swedish stamps and related graphic products and several of the issues that Jakob has been responsible for have gained international recognition. His strong background as a designer has added great value in pushing the design into new areas. He has solved major exhibition and interior design tasks in the company.”
“Jakob has been an inspiration to work with. He is a very talented Graphic Designer, who has an eye for the contemporary and strive for the highest quality. He is also a very friendly soul, who is the great company and is very easy to work and bounce ideas with. He will take charge when needed, and things are being done. I give Jakob my highest recommendation.”
“It is very easy to work with Jakob. He is a gifted designer and due to his creativity and innovative mindset, he understands immediately what is needed designwise for a mobile device and is also very capable of creating solutions which work very well from a UX point of view. He takes pride in delivering the highest quality and is very professional in his approach to new tasks. Jakob is extremely friendly and has a very open personality. It was a pleasure to collaborate with him.”
“Jakob's positive and optimistic nature contributes to the good mood of a project and provides fruitful collaborations. He works purposefully and constructively, and has a good process understanding. Jakob is enthusiastic and committed. Especially Jakob's approach to the digital universe is inspiring and it falls to him very naturally. Jakob therefore has the warmest recommendations from us.”

“After lobbying for years that a stamp should be made to celebrate the centenary of Hans J. Wegner I was of anxious to see who should make it, and what it would look like. I'm pleased to say that Jakob Monefeldt and the team around him made a thorough preliminary study to catch the spirit of Wegner's work, and that the result was even better than I had hoped for. A beautiful stamp was made using complicated print technics. A wonderful booklet on Hans J. Wegner and Børge Mogensen was published together with the Stamps. Jakob created a true collectors item.”

“Jakob is a very passionate and creative graphic designer, and he has - in several projects - shown that he can be focused and deliver innovative solutions - even under heavy pressure and tight deadlines. He has always shown a very professional approach to new challenges. Jakob is very friendly, easy going, a great teamplayer and reliable. I can recommend Jakob any time.”

“Jakob is a highly skilled and passionated graphic designer. Jakob has the ability to transform complex messages to a unique pie- ce of art work. He turned Save the Children’s campaign Stop Violence Against Children into a beatiful stamp: The profil of a child full of words describing childrens’ lives. The result was very well received by the female target group.”

“I have worked with Jakob on a LEGO project in 2014. He made different artwork for a stamp collection to celebrate the LEGO toy. He was always nice and positive to talk to and did his best to meet both the strict LEGO requirements and the restrictions there are when designing stamps. I would recommend him anytime.”

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Jakob Monefeldt
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